Joan | Rowena | Lovely "Friends Forever"

Our friendship started when we were in 2nd year college. We thought that we will not be able to be friends because of individual differences and personality. But as times goes by, we began friends and we starting to love each others company. Our personalty jive and we found out that we were long lost sisters in heart (hehehe, that's how we value our friendship, were like sisters).We found our comfort zone on each others arms. We talked anything under the sun, family problems, school problems and even hearth aches. We were always together in break time and we even stay longer in the University sitting at the lagoon, doing nothing but again chatting with each others..,watching people around us, and guys these is the time for our “ boy watching” hehehe, sometimes we also called it “papa hunting”.

Many of our classmate misunderstood us, they think that we are the so called “kontrabida's” in the class. I don't know why but sometimes they get intimidate to us..Why?!Maybe because of our gestures, and the way we carry our selves,  but that is what we are, and what make us unique among the rest. Believe me guys, we are all nice,  so don't just look at us because besides from our charms, we also have a good heart,that you will surely love.

Lovely Beverly Mae Ilao, besides from having the longest name, she is also the tallest girl among us. She is the only girl in the four siblings. She is always misunderstood because of her villanes physique. She cooks well and believe that's the easiest way into a man's heart is through his stomach, hehehe. She is a very business minded person, imagine for 4 years in a row, she become our No.1 load outlet and one of her famous line ever is “bayad sa load”...By the way, she's is a relationship right now, with a guy name Ashley. They look good together and hopefully they will be forever lovers. So just stay in love.

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Heres come Joan Villanueva, the simplest girl in the group. She is the youngest in the family. Surely you will love this girl because besides from the pretty face that she had, she also beautiful inside. Many had offer her to be a model because of her appeal, but she never grab the opportunity, I don't know why but I hope someday she will accept the offers given to her. She had a different religion but we never  had any argument in terms of our beliefs and faith to God. Many says she's “mataray” because of her physique but its not. She is kind and nice that's why many have fallen for her, but sorry guys she's been in a long time relationship and  they are going stronger each and every single day.

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And lastly, its me...Rowena Capellan. They call me Awheng, Im the baby in the group maybe because i am the shortest. Buts its ok, anyway theres a saying goes “Small but terrible”hehehe, and I thinks thats  true...hehehe.. By the way, I am the eldest among the four sibling. So its really a pressure for me to finish my studies on time and get a job soon so I can help my parents in return of the hardship that they done for me. When it comes to heart matter, waaaaah. I just broke up from a 1 year relationship, and its true thats some good things never last but I do believe that when the doors closes, then the window will soon be open for
you, hehehe I don't know why but I always fall for the bad boy guy, maybe i found it challenging.Also many think that I am  easy type of girl, but its wrong, if the guys think that they can fool me,believe me its the other way around, hehehe... joke.Seriously, what can I say good about me is that Im a good friend and good companion that anyone can rely on...
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Hope that our friendship will never end. We will treasure the journey that we have and promise to keep in touch after our graduation...We believe that our friendship is simply the best and amazing...No one can pay the memories we had, the “asaran moments” and “ awayan blues” that will all serve as a wonderful souvenir for each of us... And to you guys, thank you for exploring our site, hope you've learn from our inputs...

Thank you and God Bless to all!